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Weekly News, 05.09.23

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This is when—right before the mad spring rush—my heart starts to beat a little faster. I watch as plants we’ve grown from seed, plugs and unrooted cuttings come into bloom. And I want everything for my own yard and garden! I tell myself that I will shop before everyone comes and buys up my favorites. But somehow I never seem to accomplish my early-bird shopping.

As I plan what to share with you each week, focusing becomes a little overwhelming. New products are arriving almost daily. Russ and I were talking about bench layout the other day when this amazing variegated petunia caught my eye. And then I had to pay the heliotrope a little visit for a quick sniff.

I look around and want to tell you about everything, but it all really boils down to this: stop in to visit soon. And when you do, plan to give yourself plenty of time to slow down and take it all in.

I hope you have as much fun in here this spring as I do. And be sure to remember the moms in your life this weekend, even if that just means a little you-time.