Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 05.11.22

Happy Wednesday Friends,

Did you know that just 20 minutes a day in a garden can reduce stress levels? There is even scientific evidence to prove it, such as this one that studied the impact of a hospital garden on burnout among nurses.

During the month of May, we are busy doing a lot of our gardening chores, like clean up and planting. Make sure though to stop occasionally to just sit and be— breathing in nature, and breathing out stress, as Brittany Gowan says.

“Never sacrifice your breath.” This is imprinted in my mind from my time of yoga teacher training and it was revived during a class that I recently led for my mom’s group. I know that I personally struggle with holding my breath sometimes during the busyness or stress of the day, and I have to catch myself. Here’s a breathing practice to try anywhere, anytime called the 4-7-8 breath. To make it even better, find a comfortable spot outside.

4   Inhale for 4 seconds

7   Hold it for 7 seconds

8   Exhale for 8 seconds


Doing this for a couple minutes is an excellent way to calm and center the mind. Try to do this every day for a week and see how you feel. Option to close your eyes and notice the warmth of the sun or the wind on your skin, or keep your eyes open and take in the scenes of nature in front of you. The longer exhale produces a physiological relaxation response, as will your time in the outdoors.

To take this even further, join us on the farm this Saturday at 9:30am for a yoga class, or make it a mini-retreat on June 10 & 11. Both opportunities are all-levels classes, and beginners are welcome. If you can breathe and move, then you can do yoga! The instructors can provide plenty of pose variations to make it an enjoyable experience for you.

The Light in me reflects the Light in you. (Namaste)

Enjoy the beauty,