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Weekly News, 05.17.23

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I love to be home. I try to save most of my errands so I can just make one trip. Recently the girls and I had to go to Bridgeville, so we hit up all the places on our list. As we drove (and sat) through traffic and construction, the smell of fresh blacktop from a nearby parking lot filled our car. I felt trapped with no way to escape the fumes. Not a parking lot tree in sight, or at least not one I noticed. I couldn’t wait to get home, back to fresh air, trees and nature.

Traffic and areas with less green space are an inevitable part of our lives. But I sat there thinking about just how important plants and nature are to our sense of well being. When we build and grow, it’s just as vital to preserve and incorporate something green and full of life into our plans. Maybe it’s a houseplant in the home or office, a hanging basket on a balcony, trees outside our window or a walk through the park, botanical garden…or garden center.

Real Simple magazine dedicated an entire 96-page edition recently to the ways plants make us feel less anxious and stressed, more productive and generally healthier and happier. “The Power of Plants: Calming Benefits, Houseplants and Healing, Gardens that Thrive” was a beautiful case for the balm of nature in a busy world.