Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 06.29.22

Hi there,

I hope that you’ve had some time to be outside and enjoy the garden lately.

Watering during the super hot summer days can feel like a chore sometimes, but I try to take in the daily changes and growth whileI’m watering. One recent morning I was frustrated and discouraged when I looked upon large holes that our dog Daisy had dug in the bed. All of the hard work to make it look nice and now I have more work on my hands, and a few plants aren’t thriving like they were before the chipmunks peaked her interest.

Next my eyes set on my little heart-shaped, snuggling bunnies with a heart-shaped shadow cast by a redbud leaf. I love this spot of my main landscape bed. I used to have a weeping redbud there that mysteriously died a couple of years ago. This spot in the garden hadn’t been the same without it. This spring Russ planted me a new one with dark leaves, and I just love it!

Have you done any planting lately?

A few days ago I planted some annuals to fill in spots around the outside perimeter of a large bed. I put white calibrachoa in the ground to spread in front of my favorite angel statue. It has a clump of anemone ‘honorine jobert’ that has spread nicely behind it, and will explode with white blooms at the end of the summer. I also planted some colorful clumps of vinca. They stand up to the heat and the deer don’t eat them. I look forward to watching them grow over the next three+ months.

Creating beauty in the garden is a labor of love, and frustrating challenges are part of this journey, just like in life. We work hard sometimes and get excited about the progress, and then something or someone tears it apart and we’re left repairing or rebuilding. Thankfully, we’re graced with simple joys along the way, as we continue on our way of perseverance.

Wishing you joy in finding treasures in the garden this week!