Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 07.02.24

Hi friends,
Working in a garden center during the spring rush is not for wimps, I like to say. In fact, when we do our big seasonal hiring in March, (since we grow our staff from about 20-25  to 50-60 just for 8 or so weeks), we like to try and talk applicants out of the job a bit, just to make sure they know what they are in for. Yes, it’s a beautiful place, and yes, most of us are total plant nerds that have a blast being surrounded by them every day.

So we make sure we let candidates know—

  • being on your feet on hard concrete all day can be painful
  • sometimes you are out caring for plants in freezing weather and sometimes in ridiculous heat
  • there may be times when you have five customers waiting to ask you a question, the phone needs answered, a customer is waiting to check out, and a staff person is calling you on the 2-way radio.. all at the same moment
  • we are busiest on the weekends, so working them are a must, including holidays

The list goes on, and a lot of this is behind the scenes. The spring is a race to make the most of the season. It’s fast paced and the production team is working hard planting, watering, and caring for everything to keep up to our quality standards. It’s often overwhelming and seems we can never have enough people or hours in a day to do it all.

The landscape team is a whole other challenge itself. In spring we find the most demand with phone calls and requests for services. We try to encourage customers to reach out to us in the fall and winter to plan for spring, because by the time you call us in May, we are booked through summer and sometimes fall by then. These guys work HARD! I know because I’ve seen person after person try to do what they do, and last one day. Our crews come in and work magic to landscapes, and are meticulous when it comes to quality. It’s back-breaking and communication is key to bring the designer’s creation to life. It’s a juggling act to maneuver plants, supplies, and job scheduling. I can personally say that I couldn’t pull off what they do. They are always creating, problem-solving, and balancing things to make beautiful landscapes. And boy do they!

With all of the above in mind, we have an annual summer party right after the spring rush to celebrate our team and all of our accomplishments. Pictured below are some of the hardest working people that I know, (quite a few are missing from the photo). It’s hard work and you have to love it. We have high standards that we aspire to in our Core Values and this isn’t for everyone, we understand that. We’re thankful for each staff member that gave their all this past spring, and all year round.

The summer party and celebration is always a good time with great food, and it’s nice to see everyone’s families. Virginia and her husband won the corn hole tournament (congrats!) and everyone enjoyed the Frios popsicle truck, fishing in the pond, and water balloons of course, since it was about 95 degrees that day!

The night ended with a special surprise for us though. There were a few people acting secretively and getting a projector set up on the wall of the pavilion. It looked to me like they were going to play video games or something. When they had it ready, they called Russ and I over (Bob and Suzi weren’t nearby then) to watch the video they made. I laughed so hard and cried too. These guys are funny! A few jokes may be inside jokes, but you can see the fun they had putting this together for us. It made me cry because aside from the planning talks that Russ and I have had over the years, and these days the strategic planning with our leadership team, no matter what we are doing with growing and selling plants, or designing and installing landscape plans, our biggest goal and hope is that everyone that comes into contact with Bedner’s in some way is better for it.

Our Mission is “Nurturing Growth” through the joy and health benefits that gardening and beautiful landscape brings to your life as well as in having a positive place to go to work every day. Our Core Value of Others First is prominent here—“People always come first. We care about communicating, earning each others’ trust and building strong relationships.” That’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

In gratitude,