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Weekly News, 07.09.24

How is your garden growing this year? Have you accomplished some of your goals and plans so far? If not, don’t give up just yet and say you’ll do it next year! So many people I talk to have the mindset that if it isn’t planted by the end of May it’s too late. First, that isn’t true, and more importantly it steals the joy of gardening.

Dreaming, planting, creating and tending to plants is something to enjoy all spring, summer and fall. I actually do some of my biggest perennial plantings in October! Doing a little at a time takes away the overwhelm and gets you outside, gets you dirty, observing and admiring everything on a regular basis. This practice cultivates joy AND is so good for your body, mind and spirit.

My most recent at-home planting adventure was just last weekend with our daughters. We transformed the playset sandbox into a miniature/fairy garden.

We filled it with potting mix, then shopped for plants. It doesn’t get much sun, so we looked for the best shade-loving and deer-resistant plants we could find. Ruth busily played on the slide and had no interest in planting, so Hope decided the plant layout, and I was so impressed with her choices! She planted torenia, plectranthus, fuchsia, lysimachia, caladium, sunpatiens, bacopa, strobilanthus, and salvia. I’m told salvia can tolerate shade but we will see.

Next, we spread a nice thick layer of cocoa mulch, which also helps to keep the deer away. The girls loved this part! A garden that smells like chocolate, so exciting! Finally, the girls decided what the dividing line would be and how much was theirs (there may have been a little yelling and fighting for that part). Once the dust settled and territory was claimed, they had so much fun placing all of their figurines. We had a couple of cute fairy houses and accessories from when we offered them in the store years ago, plus we found some new ones at the dollar store. It was fun for me to step back and watch them create.

We had been talking about doing this all month. And though there were excuses not to (like temps in the 90s!), we made a point to accomplish what we set out to accomplish this summer. And it felt good. Hopefully this little garden brings them as much joy as it does me. As tough as it was to get started, I knew that these few hours spent with family in the dirt would produce much more ‘fruit’ than a few hours on the computer, chomping away at the to-do list. I’m guilty of the latter more often than I’d like to admit. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon and will provide months of enjoyment for us this summer and fall.

What gardening plans and goals are still lingering in your mind? Don’t put them off until next year. Stop by and talk to us about them, or fill out a landscape request. We’d love to help.

Happy gardening,