Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 07.12.22

Hello there,

Do you do much reading? My book list from the last few years was mostly on business topics, but recently I read a fun book—The Secret Garden, by Francis Hodgson Burnett. I only came upon it because it was a recommended read aloud for our home school botany unit in the spring. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it with you.

It starts off dark and sad, as life so often can be, but soon you find yourself swept up in the restoration of the secret garden, as well as of the people tending to the garden. It beautifully expresses how tending to the land and growing things brings us to life too. The garden also brings the characters together in community and collaboration. Beautifying the abandoned garden is not a solo effort, but one where each person contributes, learns, and grows from being with each other.

Another theme is the power of our thoughts and words. What we say to ourselves and others can build up or tear down. This has literally been scientifically proven through the fascinating work of researcher Masaru Emoto. In the book, all of the adults in Colin’s life are telling him that he is so sick, that he will never walk, and he will not live a long life. He tells himself the same, until he meets his gardening friends and they begin to speak life-giving words to him. Soon his own thoughts change, and miracles happen, right there in the garden.

We have plenty to offer you this week to find some of your own rejuvenation and inspiration on the farm. See the events listing below.

Bedner Bags are back for the season! This week features our homegrown recipes and a pasta sauce recipe. Pick up is this Saturday at our Community Market from 11-3pm, where you can also pick up some local meats from the Coyne Family or some delicious baked goods by Glencoe Gourmet or Don’s Bake Shop.

Our produce department is stocked daily with our homegrown veggies, plus other local items. Chambersburg peaches are here, and sweet corn should be ready soon, (if we can keep the deer out!).

After 10+ years, we have made the difficult decision to stop selling produce at the McDonald Trail Station on Saturdays. We welcome all to visit our own vendor market each Saturday from 11-3pm, as well as the pick-your-own bouquets and veggie field from 11-2pm.

Next time you visit, check out the clearance perennial table. Select items are Buy 1, Get 1 Free. One of the plants currently part of the sale is this SunFern, a type of artemesia. Everyone was talking about it at our hort industry trade show last summer, so we grew two different varieties. It’s a gorgeous accent in containers or landscape beds with a fern-like texture that takes full sun.

Finally, if you or someone you know works with youth garden programs, the deadline for a $500 grant is this Friday. Pass it along!

Whether in a great book about gardens, tending to your own garden, or visiting a beautiful place, I wish you many moments of joy and restoration this week.

Enjoy the beauty,