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Weekly News, 07.12.23


‘The only constant in life is change.’ I looked this quote up and it’s credited to the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. Ben Franklin took things one step further with ‘When you are finished changing, you are finished.’ People have been struggling with this for centuries, so we’re in good company. It’s what being alive and growing is all about, I suppose. Change is uncomfortable, but as the Navy SEALS are known for saying we need to ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable.’

I’ve thought a lot about the seasons of life over the last few years. We have ups and downs, joys and sorrows, laughter and pain. I’m learning to slow down and savor the sweet moments more, to enjoy the here and now and to literally stop and smell the flowers. Motherhood has been a rude awakening to how quickly time passes and things change. I struggle to remember all of the stages of development in our girls’ lives so far.

Funny how all of these changes and trial and error apply to gardening and growing. Plants and the landscape evolve daily. The garden in April is so different than it is in July. Which brings me to ask, which plant (or plants) in your yard or garden brings you the most JOY right now, here in the second week of July? Reply back with your choices, even include a photo or two. I’d love to hear from you! Or share on facebook or instagram with #gardenwithbedners and/or #homegrownhappiness.

As I walk around my main landscape bed, I notice all of the plants that are done blooming, like the baptisia, creeping phlox and columbine. I’m excited as I admire my spreading patches of anemone and tall hibiscus plants, anticipating the blooms to come. And my Angel’s Trumpet, pictured here, is bringing me so much JOY right now. This is a variegated Brugmansia called Peach Parfait that I planted in a huge pot. I’ve never grown these before, but had been told how great they smell. It’s true! Mine’s been drying out quicker than I’ve watered, so has been a little stressed and seems to have some insect damage.

Which brings me to this change thing again. My plant is gorgeous and I just want it to stay that way. But now its leaves are turning yellow and flower buds are dropping. I’ve recruited Russ to help me spray it, and I’m determined to keep it beautiful until frost. For now, I’m savoring these amazing blooms, enjoying what’s right in front me. The here and now. I’ve been paying them multiple visits a day. I know that these simple joys won’t last, which makes them even more special.