Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 07.18.23


I’ve loved hearing about and seeing the JOYS to be found in your yard and garden right now, and thought I’d share a few below. Let’s keep spreading that joy! Reply back to share with me, and include a photo or two. Or please share on facebook or instagram with #gardenwithbedners and/or #homegrownhappiness.

My Ruby Slippers oakleaf hydrangea continues to bring me so much joy. The flowers bloomed white and are now turning to that rich rosy (ruby) color. And the berries on my Glory St. John’s Wort are so beautiful. Talk about quick changes. If I hadn’t done my daily walk around our landscape beds, I would have missed the gorgeous yellow flowers that were covered with pollinators. I thought I’d also share the blooms of this Kent Beauty ornamental oregano. We often use this in hanging baskets or container gardens as an annual, but did you know that it’s also a gorgeous perennial groundcover? I planted these last fall to cascade over large boulders and I just love them!

All of these little changes and joys are the essence of Homegrown Happiness. We do the work of planting and tending to our plants, and there’s something so satisfying about seeing the results. Look what we can do with our own two hands. And notice how it changes our spaces, moods and lives to share this beauty with each other. We’re grateful to be on this gardening journey with you.