Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 10.25.22


Last week I mentioned that I was doing some garden “editing” in a large landscape bed that we have. I love to make some changes in the fall, after my ideas are fresh from the season. I encourage you to do the same. It makes the spring so much more fun when I get to anticipate the new growth and watch to see if my ideas come together as I had thought.

Here are a few quick notes of what I did over this past weekend, with some much appreciated help from our talented landscape crew—

1. First we removed plants that have been there for over 4-5 years that didn’t really have anything wrong with them, but I want something new. These were big patches of liriope and hellebore, and a couple of peonies.

2. Next, we moved some plants around to different locations. This large bed has spots of full sun and then areas of more shade, and a few painted ferns were getting too much sun. We also moved some astilbe plants that were planted too close to a patch of anemone. I replanted the painted ferns and astilbe along with an itea shrub and some fresh, colorful heuchera.

3. Now comes the most fun part—adding in new plants. I love the texture of blue fescue grass, and planted a grouping of nine along the edge of the bed. We also added in a group of four delphinium, four catmint, six perennial geranium, five amsonia blue ice, four groundcover sedum, and a large autumn brilliance fern. Takeaway tip—plant in groupings for a bigger impact.

The photos don’t look like much, as with this time of year, many of the plants are fading into fall and dropping leaves. That will not affect how they grow, however. I think that’s a fun part of planting this time of year, is imagining what the design will ultimately look like next summer when everything is lush, and then watching it happen. I’ll probably still add a few things in next spring, but planting in the fall gave me a head start on next season.

I’m often in the office and at a computer or in meetings at work, so last week I had a blast getting outside in the sunshine, doing something that I love. I got to be creative, imagine the possibilities, shop for plants, and get my hands dirty. This time outside in nature, tending to the piece of land that we call home, and putting in the time and effort to make something better—was the perfect bit of fun that I needed!

Wishing you JOY in your gardening journey this fall. If you’re feeling stuck on ideas or want some fresh inspiration, our knowledgeable and talented staff are here to help.

Take care,