Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 11.22.21

There’s something special about working with your hands and creating something beautiful from nothing. During the holiday season, our goal is to help you to enjoy that magic. One way we aim to do that is through our workshops. It’s so much fun to set out all of the materials, give a little instruction, and then watch the creativity happen!

Another way we hope that you will enjoy all things handmade this time of year is through our evergreen arrangements. Our staff hand-assemble and hand-decorate small, tabletop arrangements, hanging baskets, porch pots, and wreaths. Each item has one of our staff person’s mark on them—their creative energy poured into something that they hope will bring you joy and beauty.

Lastly, our Community Market Days is an experience that we’ve created in support of other local businesses. Every Saturday from 10a – 2p, local businesses are here selling items that they handmade with care. Each vendor has a story, and we’ve been highlighting one of them each week. They each have a “why”, a purpose that drives them with passion to create something for the benefit of our community. These are products that you don’t find everyday in your nearby box store, and that makes them special.

Speaking of handmade, stop by to get a photo with our giant, 11’ wreath. Russ, along with help from staff, hand-assembled bunches of greens, attached them to the metal frame, and decorated it. The masterpiece includes 150 lbs of greens and took 14 hours to make! The picture below is of our staff member, Steve, and his family with the wreath last Christmas. To capture your own special moment, we have a selfie station set up for you to take your own photo. If you’d like to leave the picture-taking to a pro, there are a few openings left for the mini photo shoots with Graceful Bee Photography.


Here are a few other notes for the week:

  • We will be closed for Thanksgiving tomorrow, 11/25. Weekend hours are Friday 9a-6p, Saturday 9a-5p, and closed on Sunday.
  • The 4” assorted succulent plants are now on clearance, 3 for $15, (regular price $8.99 each). They will do great indoors in a south or southwest window with direct sunlight. If you want to repot them, use something well-draining like our cactus mix. Allow succulents to dry out thoroughly in between watering.
  • Vendor items for Community Market Day this Saturday include cupcakes, candles, vanilla extract-making kits, bonsai trees, nut rolls, and adorable stuffed animals. Wine-tastings and our food truck will be available too, plus Santa is making a special appearance. Sign up for a visit with Santa and a craft activity here.
  • Chicken, beef and poultry from Coyne Family Farms are now available anytime during store hours. You may have met them at one of the Community Market Days. If not, you can learn more about them here.
  • If you stop by this holiday season, we would love your feedback on how we are doing. Check the bottom of your printed receipt for the survey link. As a thank you, we will be randomly choosing one lucky winner per week for a $50 Gift Card.
  • Since I mentioned gift cards, here’s a reminder of some gift-giving ideas for the holidays, in case you missed it last week.

Our hope is that what we do here at the farm and greenhouse is bringing you some joy and light during the holidays. We are thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Happy Thanksgiving,