Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 2.7.23

Have you noticed how days are getting longer? More daylight feels as good for us as it does for our plants, that’s for sure.

I thought it might be fun to give you a peek into everything that happens behind the scenes leading up to spring. Like you, we spent January setting goals and getting organized.

  • Our Landscape Team is scheduling spring clean ups (you can schedule yours with a few clicks) and working on fresh landscape looks for homeowners. Can we help turn your thoughts into a plan?

  • The Greenhouse Staff has been busy assembling hanging baskets and filling them with soil. Thousands of cuttings have arrived and planting has begun! We’ll be planting all winter long to fill all seventeen greenhouses by the end of April. Did you know we grow more than 3/4 of the plant selection right here in Cecil?

  • Our Retail Team is going through gardening supply orders and planning this year’s workshops and events. Let us know if you have a request.

  • The annual Green Thumb Awards came out and I’ll be sharing all about the gorgeous winners we’ll be growing for you.

  • Watch in the coming weeks for practical tips you can use to get ready for spring, things like walking your yard to see how it fared over winter and planning projects or specific plants that solve problems and add layers of texture, color or happiness.

  • We re-open for the season Friday, March 24, but there’s so much happening now, including a few things you’ll see below that require just a few clicks to put into motion.

This quiet planning and planting always makes us feel hopeful. We’ll all be working our hands in the warm soil before we know it.

Stay warm and happy,