Bedner's Farm & Greenhouse

Weekly News, 5.13.20

Hi Friends,

Did you get outside yet today to enjoy nature? Just checking, because it’s easy to get caught up in the other tasks of the day and miss out! I’m so guilty of this. When I’m at the office and have a babysitter, my uninterrupted work time is limited so I try to stay focused to accomplish as much as possible, and then hopefully have more “fun” time later to spend with our girls. But I can’t tell you how many days I’ve not taken my eyes off the computer screen to get out and walk the greenhouses. Seriously, ask my coworkers who I barely look up to say hello to sometimes, (yikes). The to-do list never ends anyway, so I might as well get out and take a break. Taking a short break or rest actually helps you to accomplish more in the long run. Think quality, not quantity. Hmmm, I will make a point to practice what I preach more often. 

Here are some things to know this week–

  • our staff is the BEST. A shoutout to their hard work and dedication. Working the spring rush at a garden center is not for wimps. It’s demanding, lightening-fast paced, and often overwhelming. And that’s all without the “c” word pandemic in the mix. They are on the frontlines fulfilling our Mission each day, and for that we are grateful!
  • Miss Anne from Frank Sarris library did a virtual story time this week from the greenhouse. Check it out here.
  • we are no longer doing “check-ins” for a $5 coupon after five visits using our mobile app.  That required handing your phone to a cashier to enter a code, which isn’t safe or sanitary right now. We do still give Bedner Bucks, and using the app you can see what your balance is, fill out a Landscape Request Form, ask us a question, see what the store specials are, plus we’ll send you quick notifications when events and sales are happening so you don’t miss out.
  • the tomatoes in our high tunnel wouldn’t have known how winter-like it’s been. They are growing beautifully and we’ll be harvesting in 3-4 weeks.
  • a new shipment of houseplants will be arriving next week, hooray!

It is our Mission that everything that we are doing here at Bedner’s helps you to find some rejuvenation from the stress and labors of life. I wish you JOY in the process of creating beauty in your home and landscape. It’s not all about the end goal or “task” of gardening, but about enjoying the moment as you get your hands dirty and be creative.

Last week I shared a link to John Krasinki’s Some Good News channel on YouTube. He asks his followers for good news and then shares it on his episodes. So I was thinking… can you share some Good Gardening News with us? Let us know how you are creating your “happy place” with plants this season. How are you seeing plants make others happy? Have you, or someone else you know, done any cool community service projects with plants and gardening? Or got any ideas of how we can help you to spread some gardening love out there? We’d love to see it, and then be able to report back the “good gardening news”. Let me know here.

Take care,