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Weekly News, 5.26.21

Hello there,

Recently I shared the quote by Robert Heinlein, “When one teaches, two learn.” I’ve been homeschooling our daughter Hope since January, so this quote really resonates with me. As I’m teaching her, I’m learning so much and loving it! I never would have thought that I would, (or could handle), being a homeschool parent, but it has been such a gift.

When exploring some educational resources recently, I came across the beautiful book “Twenty-One Steps: Guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”, by Jeff Gottesfeld. It’s geared toward grades 2-5, but I recommend it for adults too. It is a tribute to the nameless fallen soldiers, as well as the sentinels who guard the Tomb in Arlington National Cemetery. The book led me to some other interesting information, which I thought to share with you as Memorial Day weekend is upon us… a fitting way to set a tone of remembrance for the brave men and women who lost their lives serving our beloved country.

Here are your weekly updates–

  • there are a few great deals that started this week, including 1-gallon Knockout Roses, three varieties of upright Sedum (stonecrop), tomato plants, Sunpatiens, and 6″ Geraniums.
  • we’ll be placing an order from Massarelli’s by the end of the week. Browse their catalog and let us know if you want something special. Production takes about 4-6 weeks, possibly longer. The fine stone statuary, birdbaths and fountains are made to order in New Jersey and excellent quality. Call or email Tristan to place an order.
  • I absolutely love my quiet time walking or biking on the trail. Maybe you do too. The Cecil Friends of the Montour Trail is looking for volunteers! Consider joining this great group of people for their work parties, and help to keep the trail beautiful. Contact Mary Ellen at or 412-445-0185
  • for some gardening inspiration and the latest greenhouse news, join Ryan on our Facebook page, live every Tuesday at 12pm noon for “Talk to Us Tuesdays.” It’s a fun way to stay connected with us, learn something new and ask your gardening questions.
  • the container gardens that we planted in February are just about gone! If you haven’t shopped yet though, no worries! We are still planting some up, and can even plant custom pots up for you. Click here to learn more.
  • for the first time, we are booking rentals of our pondside pavilionYou can learn more here, and contact our Education & Events Coordinator, Ryan, for availability.
  • our store hours on Memorial Day are 9-4pm. We’ll be closing a bit early so that our staff can enjoy a much needed break.

Whether you’re planting a veggie garden this week or decorating graves at the cemetery, we are here for you with the healthiest of plants and the gardening advice you need.

Have a great weekend!


Russ Recommends

Russ shows a few of his favorite tomato varieties, plus some tomato planting and cooking tips.
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Lest We Forget

  • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was established in 1921. The Unknown Soldiers laid to rest on the east plaza of the Memorial Amphitheater represent all missing and unknown service members who served and made the ultimate sacrifice – they not only gave their lives, but also their identities to protect these freedoms.
  • Tomb Guards are handpicked and rigorously trained, and the describe their service as a privilege and an honor, and are undeniably proud of their service. They are part of an unbroken chain of Soldiers dating back to March 25, 1926.
  • The Sentinel’s Creed is the Tomb Guard standard. The 99 words of the creed captures the true meaning of their duty. You will often hear the words “Line 6″ [1] proudly uttered by Tomb Guards as they converse with each other or with their chain of command.
  • Through an initiative started in 2018, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Never Forget Garden is a nationwide invitation to all Americans and freedom loving people to plant gardens as a visual way to represent America’s unwavering commitment to our sacred duty to recognize, remember, and honor our veterans, many who continued to serve as first responders, and their families now and for many years to come. There are many ways and traditions that are available to express patriotism, love, mourning and remembrance. A “Never Forget Garden” can provide an elegant expression of that which deeply resides in the heart of our fellow Americans: “I will Never, Ever Forget You — I am in it with you.”
  • 12 Easy Steps to create your own Never Forget Garden

Custom Container Garden Appointments

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Planting service and soil fees apply.

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