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Weekly News, 7.15.20


How is your week going so far? I’m so thankful for time in the garden to admire my hard work, rest, think, pray, and find JOY. Yep, it takes some sweat equity, patience, and even disappointment to create beauty in the garden, but it’s so worth it, right? It never fails that every year something doesn’t grow as I had planned.. whether the plants didn’t grow so cohesively in a container garden, or the deer, rabbits and groundhogs found them… or japanese beetles, or downy mildew on my impatiens. Maybe those disappointments make the successes even more appreciated and sweet though.

I love to see and admire what others are doing in their landscape, and we’ve visited a few gardens now on what I’m calling Garden Tour 2020. It’s fun to see what others plant, what their style is, and how the garden becomes an expression of themselves. Last week I covered the greenhouse front beds that our Retail Manager, Tristan, designed. Click here if you missed it. Yesterday we visited long-time customer Shirl Unatin’s home, and you can catch that tour below. I hope that the Garden Tour will inspire you to try something new in your own garden. Maybe there is a new landscape bed that you’ve always wanted to create. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to redo an area. Let us know how we can help you.

This week’s news–

  • we’re looking to clear some inventory in the nursery department, and are creating a new Clearance Area. See below for a list of some of the plants that you’ll find there. Some plants we just have too many of and need to make some room. Other plants have seen better days, and need some TLC and a good home. 
  • our 6″ flowering vinca is looking great if you need some instant color in the garden.
  • it’s Bedner Buck redemption time, now through October 31. Redeem you Bucks for up to 50% OFF of your total purchase. You also keep earning Bucks the rest of the season, so we hope that you’ll come back again, and again, and again 🙂
  • summer blooming perennials and shrubs are looking great! Make sure to plant summer and fall bloomers to ensure continuous color through the season. Some people only shop and plant in the spring, and they miss out on all that the garden has to offer for summer and fall. One of our staff would be happy to give you some suggestions.
  • sweet corn should be ready within a week, hopefully, after we irrigate the next couple of days.
We hope to see you soon!


Wise Watering

Periods of drought, heat waves and rising water bills can make any gardener more interested in saving water. Fortunately, there are many ways you can be water-wise without skimping on the moisture your plants need to thrive.

  • Make the Most of Mulch
    Mulches not only make plantings look more attractive, but their most important function is to help retain soil moisture. They keep the ground cool to reduce moisture loss and prevent growth of grasses and weeds that would otherwise compete with plant roots for soil moisture. The recommended depth is 2-4 inches, and there are many mulch types you can choose from to complement your landscaping and garden design.
  • Improve the Soil
    Prevent soil compaction and aerate regularly to improve the efficiency of how the soil absorbs and retains water. Test the pH and make sure the levels are correct for the plants you are growing. Till in several inches of compost each year and amend with Profile soil conditioner.
  • Plant Wisely
    When deciding what to plant, consider native species as they are adapted to the area and can withstand the local moisture conditions, including periods of low rainfall or drought. Also consider plants that have been specifically bred as drought-tolerant, particularly for more at-risk areas of your yard. Ask one of our staff for recommendations of native plants.
  • Design Thoughtfully to Save Water
    A good landscape design can help minimize water use. Start with graph paper and sketch your home, property lines, water faucets, existing trees and other permanent features. Plant large deciduous trees to maximize summer shade on the hot sides of your house. Combine groundcover in your plantings. This can reduce surface temperature up to 20 degrees. Plant a dense windbreak to cut down on drying winds. Group plants together by water needs and concentrate high water demand plants into one area. Plant rock gardens, native shrubs or drought-tolerant wildflowers on southern exposures.
  • Use Water-Saving Watering Techniques
    Install a drip irrigation system and use other water-saving devices like soaker hoses to minimize water loss. The system of “drip watering” that was originally designed for commercial use is now available to the home gardener. It has become very easy to use and quite effective. Drip watering applies water slowly and steadily directly to root zones in proper amounts. This saves time (less time watering and weeding) and money (less water). It also puts water where it’s needed without runoff or evaporation.
  • Choose the Proper Watering Tools
    You will want to look at our various styles of oscillating and pulsating sprinklers and choose the sizes and styles that meet your unique landscaping needs. Other assorted nozzles and wands can also make watering easier and more efficient. The Four Channel Water Distributor allows several watering accessories to be used at the same time.

It doesn’t take much to get started watering wisely, and not only will your plants thank you for providing adequate moisture, but you’ll love how much your water bill dries up!

Click Here to Learn More About Watering from Bob & Russ Bedner

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, July 18  @ 10am
Sandcast Leaf Bird Bath Workshop

Thursday, July 23 @ 6pm
Potting with a Twist: Succulent Bowls

Saturday, July 25 @ 9:30am
Yoga on the Farm

Thursday, July 30 @ 6pm
Potting with a Twist: Summer Color Containers

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Stop by to see our Nursery Clearance Area!
All plants are 50% OFF.

Some plants we just have too many of and need to make some room. Other plants have seen better days, and need some TLC and a good home. 

Some of the plants you’ll find in our Clearance Area, (while supplies last), are: 

Ilex C. Sky Pencil
Syringa Vulgaris ‘Nadezhda’
Taxus CUsp Cap Captain – 3
Pan. Limelight’ -5
Pan. Pinky Winky -10
Pan. Pink DIamond -8
Phantom -7
Pan. Paszam -8
Taxus x media densiformus -2
Taxus Huber’s Tawny Gold -3
Ligustrum x vicatyi 
Metasequoia glyptostroboides -2
Larix ‘Romberg Park’ -1
Malus Spring Snow -1
Betula NIgra SIloh Splash -2
Chamaecyparis obtusa nana gracilis -1
Vitex Blue diddley -1
Spirea Magic carpet -1
Kerria Japonica ‘pleniflora’ -5
Viburnum plicata ‘newzam’ -1
Acer palmatum ‘Tamukeyama’ -1
Spirea neon flash -1
Cornus Strawberry daquari -1
Weigelia ‘ my monet’ -1
Weigela ‘my monet sunset’
Ilex ‘golden girl’ -1
Ilex m. Prince/Princess -1
Prunus bing cherry -1
Pinus flexis extra blue -1
Pinus nigra frank -5
Ilex pen. female -1
Malus perfect purple -3
Populus tremuloides -1
Prunus sub. pink snow showers -2
Hydrangea pan, pink diamond ree -2
Malus sutyzam sugar tyme -1