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Weekly News, 7.22.20

Hi friends,

I hope that you’ve had time to enjoy the summer sun and get some vitamin D this week. I’m loving the summer heat, but not the lack of rain.

Remember the Bridgeville military banner mystery? For those that missed that one, here’s the story. We ordered a troop banner for Bob Bedner’s service in Vietnam. They are hung from Memorial Day to Labor Day. So when I saw that they started hanging them, I drove ALL OVER Bridgeville and couldn’t find his. I called and asked, and they said that they don’t keep track of which goes where, and they’d let me know if they saw it.

Well I got a call a couple weeks ago that there was a mix up and the banner was actually never printed! It just arrived a couple days ago and I pick it up tomorrow. Mystery solved! My time driving all around Bridgeville with bored and yelling kids in the back seat was a waste, but what a relief to know what happened, yay!

This week’s news–

  • Bob’s homegrown sweet corn is ready! We’re also now picking cabbage, along with zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. If you’ve always wanted to try canning, we have some beginner kits available for you too.
  • we are always getting fresh, new plants in through the summer and fall, and we’re putting an order together for delivery at the end of next week.Let us know if you are looking for something special to complete a project.
  • some exciting plans for the future have been in the works, and we need your input! Help us by filling out a short survey. We promise it takes less than five minutes! For filling it out, you’ll be entered to win a $100 Bedner’s Gift Card. 
  • yoga on the farm is this Saturday. It’s an all levels class held rain or shine in the outdoors, (we practice in a covered pavilion if it rains). There is no registration needed. Just show up at the greenhouse entrance by 9:20am. From there we walk together as a group over to our pond side yoga spot. Fee is $10 payable by cash or check to the instructor Kristen the day of. Bring a mat, large towel or blanket for the grass, and water. Join us!
  • a new supply of houseplants arrived last week. Tristan is our houseplant expert, so see him at the store if you have houseplant requests or questions.
Take care,


Upcoming Events:

Thursday, July 23  @ 6pm
Succulent Bowls Workshop

Saturday, July 25 @ 9:30am
Yoga on the Farm

Thursday, July 30 @ 6pm
Summer Color Containers Workshop

Tuesday, August 4 @ 4pm
Heaven Sent Farmer’s Market

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