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Weekly News, 7.29.20

Hi friends,

How is your garden growing? I’m learning to let go of the disappointment when things don’t turn out how I had hoped and planned. It’s not easy, and takes effort. My morning glories are taking way longer than I thought they would. My rosebud impatiens got downy mildew. The rabbits had a buffet on my strawflower and calibrachoa. 

There are some things that we can control, and others we cannot. I can learn more by reading, talking to experts, and trying new strategies, and then do my best to create a desireable outcome. Add in a healthy dose of faith and patience, do my best, and the enjoy the results. Maybe it’s not perfect, and that’s okay. What I’m learning so much this summer is how to enjoy what I have, and not worry about or long for what I don’t. I’m taking in every bit of beauty that I can find. It may not have been how I expected it to be, but it’s still beautiful. Blessings abound when I open my eyes to see them. I’m taking it all in right now, and I wish the same for you.

Part of taking in the beauty around me lately has been visiting YOUR gardens as part of my Garden Tour 2020. I’ve loved seeing your passion, hard work, and self-expression in your garden. Be sure to check out this week’s tour at Laurie and Dave’s in South Fayette. It was so peaceful in all senses, I could have rolled out my yoga mat right there. From the sounds of the Corinthian Bells, water fountain, and spa-like music on the outdoor television, to the fragrance of the garden phlox, and the taste of the lime basil sugar cookies, (need to get that recipe), it truly felt like a retreat. Check it out below, though the pictures never do these gardens justice. 

Here’s what’s new this week—


  • also newly arrived and being unpacked is wall art that is created and produced in the USA, and made by local artists in Oregon. Each piece is a collage of individual wooden boards, that they use as a canvas and then spray semi-translucent, all-weather Ultra Violet protected images directly into the wood grain. The result? An interplay of texture and color-art that lives so naturally on the wood you might think it grew there. The pieces will withstand wind, rain, snow and sun and looks amazing indoors or out.

  • August is PA Produce month. To celebrate, we’ll be giving away a Ball canning kit and $25 Gift Card, every Friday in August on our facebook page. Follow our page for your chance to win. I’ll be sharing some fresh harvest tips and favorite recipes each week in August too.

Have a great rest of your week!

Take care,

What is PA Produce Month? Established by the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing & Research Program, PA Produce Month is a good ol’ celebration of one of Pennsylvania’s shining stars – vegetables! It encourages all Pennsylvanians – consumers, farmers, and the media – to express gratitude, excitement, and pride for 31 days out of the year when many local vegetables are in their prime, August!

To celebrate, we’ll be giving away prizes every Friday in August on our facebook page. Follow our page for your chance to win. 
August is PA Produce Month